Harbinger is an experiential marketing agency that produces in-person events, digital experiences, and media engagement for the world’s leading personalities, brands, and movements.

Events are inherently finite, but moments take on a life of their own. Awe-inspiring moments.Things-will-be-different moments. You-remember-where-you-were moments.

These moments can be shaped into meaningful and change-worthy experiences for your brand, organization or movement. But they don’t just happen on their own. Sometimes moments need a little nudge, a touch of foresight or a media barrage. How do we do it? By reverse-engineering your outcomes and audiences, we engrave a detailed plan, infuse creativity, and incite engagement.

We are Team Harbinger.
Moments Made Here.

Harbinger Values


Give it to them straight.

Be honest and transparent in everything you do. No jargon, no buzzwords, no hype. Give people the respect of real, straightforward answers, even when it's not easy - especially when it's not easy.

Be in it for the outcome, not the income.

It's not about the nickels and dimes or the number of billable hours. We're here for the long run and we do what it takes - period. You only get one shot at creating a moment that will impact millions, and we take that very seriously.

The smallest things make the biggest impact.

We plan every detail, anticipate every outcome, and execute with precision. Not a wire out of place, not a minute behind schedule - not on our watch.

Be humble.

We never let the size of the event or all the anticipation we've generated go to our head. While confident in our abilities, we always treat everyone involved with the same respect - from the keynote speaker to the cleanup crew.

What you did yesterday won't suffice tomorrow.

If people have seen something before, then how can they be inspired? Complacency and comfort have never changed the world. We always look for opportunities to revolutionize.


Join our team!

The Harbinger events team is comprised of hundreds of hardworking individuals that are agile, experts in their respective fields, and are trained to execute with laser-sharp precision. If you are excited to work in the events industry at a fast paced and growing firm, we invite you to apply for one of the following positions by emailing your resume and cover letter to hub@teamharbinger.com

project manager
Average professional experience 5-7 years.

Harbinger is looking for Project Managers who serve as a critical member of our team, working with leadership and overseeing the Project Coordinators in day-to-day management of events, marketing, and experiences.

Project coordinator
Average professional experience 2+ years.

We are seeking Project Coordinators to join one of our exciting teams focusing on events, production, or creative development. Applicants should be self starting problem solvers who enjoy working in a fast paced environment.


  • 100% medical coverage
  • Generous paid time off
  • Paid parental leave
  • Monthly technology and transportation stipends
  • Unlimited soda, energy drinks, and coffee for late nights and early mornings
  • Access to in-office gym and showers

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