When guards are let down,
conversations spark up

The Setting

Let's face it, financial folks aren't the most talkative types. Mix in some never-before-seen financial technology and you've got a real conversation challenge on your hand. That is, until we intervened. What followed was perhaps the first public moment where normally close-to-the-vest financial types were conversing about FinTech.

With the Bentley Reserve in San Francisco as a backdrop, the Financial Services Roundtable set out to hold the FinTech Ideas Festival, a place for finance and technology to talk shop in an open, inviting and trusted environment.

"This event was the first of its kind"

Hip conversation lounges replaced conference rooms. Interactive robots circulated instead of presentation slides. Coolness came to FinTech.

The Goal

Plain and simple? Get people talking. Attendees yearned to learn. Speakers were able to shine. And sponsors showed of their expertise. We employed a "this is too good not to share with the world" strategy and partnered with CNBC to air key moments of the event.

Creative seating layouts meant everyone felt like a VIP. And with lots of CEOs in the room without assistants, it was important that the day was easy to navigate.

Bottom Line

From the iconic venue, to the bento-boxed food, to opening up a normally hush-hush event to the world, we helped FSR design and execute a truly landmark event.

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