We Shape The Moments That Shape The World.

Harbinger is a full-service event design, management, and production agency that specializes in high-publicity events.

We Specialize In

Sports & Entertainment

Collegiate Sports

Professional Championships & Tournaments



Diplomatic, Political, & Global Events

Political Conventions

Diplomatic Visits

Events for Crisis Management


Corporate Events & Sponsorships

Brand Activations

Product Launches


Corporate Advocacy


Annual Meetings & Conferences

Global Summits, Forums, and Meetings


Media Operations

Media Filing Centers

Remote Media Reporting Centers

State-of-the-Art Activations


We hold the hand of history.

High-profile events have unforeseen and lasting impacts on culture and society. We carefully craft events and create stunning optics that are designed to engage every audience involved.

We partner with our clients to make decisions regarding the event operations, site selection, and event needs. Then we help create can’t miss moments by developing brand activations, local restaurant pop-ups, or expo booths. Our team is laser focused on creating high intensity atmospheres that ignite live audiences that are easily captured by the media to captivate and move viewers worldwide.

Areas of Expertise

Harbinger is trusted time and again to work alongside Fortune 500 companies, innovators in the tech industry, non-profits, Presidents and presidential campaigns, and national media outlets as a partner to bring their vision to life.

The Harbinger's Code

Give it to them straight.

Be honest and transparent in all your communication. Give people the respect of straightforward answers, even when it’s not easy to do so (especially when it’s not easy to do so).

Be in it for the outcome, not the income.

We’re not nickel and dimer’s or clock watcher’s. We’re resourceful and we do what it takes…period. We understand you get one shot at creating a moment that will impact millions, and we take that very seriously.  

The Smallest Things Make the Biggest Impact.

We plan and execute with razor sharp precision. Not a wire out of place, not a minute behind timeline, not a detail overlooked…at least not on our watch.

Humility Breeds Respect.

Never let the size of the event or the hype surrounding the event go to your head. We are confident in our abilities, but will always stay humble and remain respectful of EVERYONE involved in a project…from the keynote speaker to the cleanup crew.

What you did yesterday won’t suffice tomorrow.

Complacency and comfortability are the enemies of creativity and innovation, and therefore an enemy of a Harbinger. Never settle for what’s been done before; always look for opportunities to revolutionize.