Here's what we do

Event Planning & Logistics

Event Operations

Site Selection

Contract Negotiations

Budget Creation & Reconciliation

Press Conferences

Security Services


Travel & Transportation


Catering Management

Bus Tours

Advance Operations


Event Production

Brand Activations

Social Media


Pop Up Stores


Mobile Tours

Talent Procurement

PR Stunts


Scenic Production




Media Exposure

Media Filing Centers

Communication Services

Crisis Operations

Online/Digital Rate Card Management

Remote Media Reporting Centers


State-of-the-Art Activations

Emerging Partnerships


Promotion & Design

Graphic Design


Photography & Videography Services

Printed Materials

Backdrops & Banners


Web Videos

Event Sizzle Reel

Info Graphics

Expo Booths

Bus Wraps

Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items

Here's How Clients Engage Us

Event Retainers

Most clients who start with us on a project-basis sign a multi-year retainer so they can optimize budgets and reporting, bring efficiency into the planning process, and continually innovate recurring events.   


Perfect for new clients who are looking for a reputable, creative team to help design, plan, and produce, high-ticket events.   

Contracting In-House Harbinger Experts

This is for clients who frequently host regular, high-profile events. Rather than finding, hiring, and training an in-house salaried event manager, they contract a Harbinger expert to sit on-site and serve as project lead on all events.

White Label Event Services for PR Firms (Powered by Harbinger ™)

Harbinger also serves as a white-labeled events team for Public Relations Firms. We help drive value, innovation, and results for their most important relationships.  

Harbinger Capitalization Audit™

A detailed analysis of cost saving opportunities, and income-earning opportunities for your event.

We audit your entire event plan and highlight areas to build in sponsorships and media capture so you can:

Earn money to supplement your budget

Maximize exposure by earning free impressions (We actually show you the value of these free impressions)