Harbinger exists to execute flawless events, create stunning optics, and solve problems.

We are logistics professionals, innovators, crisis operators, creators, solutions providers and do-anything-for-our-client-ers.

We will take care of just about anything for our clients.

Our approach to all we do is rooted in these three words: strategy, imagination, execution. 

Whether an intimate gathering of C-Suite executives, a major press conference in the midst of crisis or an event the entire world watches, we have a team of professionals that knows how to deliver for our clients.  We ensure that our clients’ messages break through the cacophony of today's media in clear and compelling ways. 

Strategy. Imagination. Execution.  It’s what every pioneer of change needs – and we have it in spades.  Let us show you how. 


Years of expertise in presidential-level event planning, development, and execution will ensure your messaging strategy is executed flawlessly.


Creative passion + practical application. To captivate today's audience, the status quo just won't work. We can help you explore new, innovative approaches to event design.

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Our team has managed the largest media events in the world to make the spaces innovative, dynamic, and engaging for the media.



Consistent branding and compelling visuals are essential elements to any event or media presence. We'll help your brand design its message in bold and powerful ways.


We work with a diverse array of clients. From world wide media events to Fortune 500 companies. From crisis operations planned in 24 hours to major operations planned over 24 months.